Stained Glass Artist & Printmaker


Artisan House, East Street, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 7DR
Tel: 01258 489741. Mob: 07934 893839. Email:


As a commissioned stained glass artist, whose work is usually defined by a brief and a budget, Joseph has, at the same time, felt the need for a personal art. For many years this has taken the form of painting which has been, and remains, private. His interest in printmaking, started with wood engraving and lithography at his first art school when he was fifteen, but was put out of mind until 2009. Initially inspired by the 19th century Mexican journalist artist Posada, and the Japanese artist Hokusai, and by the realisation that print, by its nature, is an art of communication, he entered what was for him a new world of art where the energy of the image is derived from the movement of wrist and hand. Its small scale form lends itself, paradoxically, to a wide range of subjects - for Joseph: human life and loves.

These prints are made either on his own press or on a press at the Oxford Printmakers Coop of which he is a member. They are printed either on Fabriano Rosapina or BFK Rives papers. Each print is numbered. Single colour prints are in editions of 50, multi-colour prints in editions of 25. The price is usually determined by the number of plates used, a single colour print costing less than a multicoloured one. The prints can be supplied framed and mounted or framed only. Prices for each print will be sent on application. There are usually new prints being made, examples of which can be provided on request.